This page is dedicated to the political and cultural issues we are experiencing from an American perspective. Posts will often include a note on how Christians do, or should, respond to the happenings in our society.

Conservatives Must Confront Critical Race Theory

“Critical Race Theory views the world—all relationships, systems, personal interactions, policies, etc—through the lens of racial hegemony. It ascribes guilt and innocence, responsibility and victimhood, oppressor vs oppressed, to groups based on their race.” One of my favorite conservative voices out there is Allie Beth Stucky. She has a podcast called Relatable where she takes…

I’ve Never Seen a Black Person In My Whole Life

The year after Mount St. Helens erupted, my family moved from a small, rural town in Minnesota to Seattle, Washington. It was June. I had just turned thirteen and I didn’t know anyone my age. That summer, the only adventures I had were those provided to me by the books I borrowed from the library…

Unity vs. Diversity

President Trump brought national attention to Critical Race Theory (CRT) in 2020 when he banned it from training in federal agencies by executive order, but now that his administration is out, such federal training has returned after President Biden nixed Trump’s executive order and signed a new order welcoming the ideology into the bureaucracies that…

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